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Université de la terre Entrepreneurs d'avenir

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Life at a time
of great transitions

Imagine / Debate / Commit

November 25 & 26, 2022
at UNESCO • Paris

The Parliament of the Future

The Parliament of the Future community wants to bring together and promote (through networks, events, media) the actors of a reinvented society where the economy contributes positively to a better life, to the quality of life at work, to the societal, environmental and territorial balances. The Parliament of the Future community are the leaders who work to generate a new type of growth and positive progress based on efficiency, equity and sustainability. The CHART OF FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS sets out their values.

The Parliament of the Future community was born out of the 1st Parliament of the Future, launched in 2009 at the National Assembly. This large network brings together several hundred leaders who wish to commit and promote their organization towards a model combining economic, social and environmental progress. Involved at various levels in this global performance approach, entrepreneurs and managers are aware that it is a source of opportunities for the development of their company and society.

By joining the community, the expectations expressed by the Parliament of the Future community are to :

- identify and recognize themselves in a network of committed leaders

- meet and share issues, practices and business;

- communicate and inform about their activities and good practices;

- to progress and make the economy progress through collective actions;

- influence, i.e. bring their vision of the economy and sustainable development to the economic and political world.

800 leaders from all sectors of activity are spread throughout the country.

The network is open to other private and public players (managers, intrapreneurs, experts, local authorities, associations, etc.) with whom partnerships or actions are carried out. The Parliament of the Future community are mobilized during national or regional parliaments, during inspiring and convivial moments, the Happy Business or even trips to the heart of innovative and sustainable companies.

The Parliament of the Futur website

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Earth University program

Earth University program

The UNIVERSITE DE LA TERRE is intended for all audiences from 7 to 77 years old.

Junior University Program

Junior University Program

The EARTH UNIVERSITY JUNIOR is for children and their parents.

Parcours Parlement

Parcours Parlement

THE PARLIAMENT OF THE FUTURE is intended for those who act for an economy of social and ecological progress.