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Life at a time
of great transitions

Imagine / Debate / Commit

November 25 & 26, 2022
at UNESCO • Paris

58. A new world : to resist, to adapt, to regenerate (movie & debate)

Saturday, November 26 • 18h30 > 20h00

Resist, Adapt, Regenerate: these three steps in the fight against climate change are at the heart of Cyril Dion's new documentary series, "A New World". The first episode will be previewed at the Earth University, and the series will be aired in the fall on the Arte channel.

In this series, Cyril Dion travels the five continents to meet women and men who have revolutionized a region, a country, or an activity. These people are mobilizing to give a second breath to the Earth, by regenerating the soil and the oceans, by creating the schools of tomorrow or the democracy of the future. The director highlights their hopeful initiatives to propose "a concrete path to reverse the climate change curve". He thus contributes to the elaboration of a new narrative of a more just civilization.

Great figures of the resistance to ecological collapse will testify with Cyril Dion. Jane Goodall, godmother of the University of the Earth, who dedicated her life to the survival of chimpanzees and the protection of biodiversity, and Yacouba Sawadogo, a simple farmer in Burkina Faso who managed to stop the desert on his territory by planting trees. An act that earned him the United Nations Environment Program's Champions of the Earth 2020 award. This success story is told by the geographer Damien Deville in the book "The Man Who Stopped the Desert".

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